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ealj2 asked: What is this Facebook controversy? They control how much you can post or repost or whatever? I knew there was a reason I did not use their services! Any organization that limits the spread of Corgi joy has to be evil!! And, may I just say, your parents are taking a liberty with the shirts - no limbs? I mean, really!

So every day I post one of my pictures to some of the Corgi focused Facebook pages, all of which have enjoyed and encouraged this.  Facebook on the other hard, felt this was me spamming — even though I don’t sell anything — and have blocked me from posting any pictures or comments except on my own page for 60 days.

I tend to think this is Facebook trying to force non-personal pages to pay to promote pages and content.  What can you do?  Bah.

And yes, I have grown weary of the shirts, and I can tell you it’s going to be awhile before I let THAT happen again!

Thanks for writing!

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